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Calculating CLV, ROAS and more

Platform jungle problem

The conventional method of calculating how your marketing campaigns affect revenue would be a complicated process where you export spreadsheets and data sets and try figuring out how everything works.

No single pipeline

One of the biggest problems is that the required data to calculate ROAS, CLV is located in separate databases and platforms, and it needs to be manually pulled in all sorts of formats or using APIs - this's a very time-consuming process. Even if you were able to get all data into one place, you would end up not knowing how you should attribute data or how one top funnel interaction affect the CLV.

  • Campaign
    CLV calculation 

    Measuring the lifetime value of your customer acquired by different advertising campaigns, channels or segments of customers. Understand the difference and impact of your marketing campaigns and how you could fine tune your CLV. Not knowing your CLV is not knowing anything.

  • Campaign
    ROAS calculation

    Some advertisement channels are more expensive than other. Not all bring in the ROAS of your likes. Get answers to questions like: is this campaign worth the time and money? Even if I don't see direct conversions or sales is this campaign bringing in more sales than spend.

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    attribution modelling 

    Building your own attribution models might be a really good investment. Knowing how to credit your channels and campaigns can unlock more potential than you think. Having a complete understanding of how your customer’s journey works, for your business.