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Vaasa, Finland

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Three stage methology

Understanding what to do, when, and how things work can be hard. Here's three simple tips for you.

  1. Early analytics

    Define and implement a data collection plan as early as possible in the lifecycle of your business. Analyze all of your data, to really understand what’s working for you and what you should be focusing on. Choose simple metrics, start with one main KPI, yes one.

  2. Data exploration

    Knowing more about your customers with help of analytics you should look for correlations and causalities. Knowing what metrics will produce change in your KPI you can start optimizing these.

  3. Scale business

    By now, you should understand what metrics drives your business and based on the business stage you are at - you know your marketing mode. Next step is to scale the business.

Project in a nutshell

Our top priority is enabling our clients to focus on their business, and we are on a mission to achieve success for you. We fix problems for our customers, and it can be a matter of a simple fix or more complex questions with many moving parts. You can read more about our services. If you already run marketing campaigns and need help with optimizing current campaigns, we will analyze and create a development roadmap for you to implement, or you can have us execute it.

First things first

Every customer project is unique, so we have to create a setup that suits your business needs and mode. We will identify opportunities, configure tracking/technology and optimize the most important metrics for you. As a result, you will understand how different marketing channels work and which combination gives you the most success. We kick off every project with a Workshop session to understand your business needs.


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What you can expect?

We turn your data into valuable actions. Get the data you need to make intelligent marketing and business decisions. The foundation of your digital footprint needs to adopt the best practices to drive your online success, by choosing the right metrics and focusing & optimizing these metrics. Analytics doesn’t just provide you with website insights, and it’s incredibly valuable to the commercial success of your business. In contrast, marketing doesn't bring you success out of the box, sales, signups, and conversions are happening on your site, so it also needs attention. We're the solution - offering full-stack knowledge to your holistic problems.