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create meaningful segmen

We help you understand your data and turn it into meaningful metrics and reasonable actions.


Your Analytics is unique

Is your analytics configured according to company objectives? Do you understand the how data is collected and structured? Did you know that you need tocreate custom setupsfor your business to be able to track and optimize important metrics, understand how different channels work and what combination works best.

Let's break it down

With the help of attribution modeling, audience segmentation and more – leverage data to target your ideal customer segments and achieve better results. Strategic analytics needs to vary across business and internal needs and it can be very demanding sometimes.

We will help you implement a strategy across your industry vertical. Wita offers different levels of training to touch basic and more advanced features to suit your business needs. Our holistic approach looks at your business and determines how you can track your business KPIs through analytics, and we will help you optimize set goals. If you’re looking for something that could increase digital marketing flexibility and reduces the burden on IT, then you should look into Google Tag Manager.

Digital Insights

Google Analytics Training
Google Analytics
Analytics Audits
Analytics Implementation
Analytics strategy
Insights configuration
Analytics consulting

Tag Management

for deployment of tags and marketing technology without IT

Tag Manager Implementation
Tag Manager Strategy
Advanced Tag Management


for setting up enhanced ecommerce

Google Analytics Training
Google Analytics Audits
Analytics Implementation
Analytics strategy
Analytics Insights
Analytics consulting

Custom Setups

for advance and strategic setups. Audits and more

API Integrations
Conversion Rate Optimization
Custom Reporting
Third party integrations
Technology strategy
customCan’t find what you are looking for? Please Contact us so we can build it for you.

Data and metrics help you know yourself

Identify your own marketing mode, use causal metrics, mix that with qualitative, quantitative, exploratory & reportatory data.When you know yourself, you can pick a metric you want to change, find the correlation & causality and optimize for better results. KPIs are usually behavior changing and have the power to produce a change in the business. We will help you identify what metrics drive business success and how to optimize these metrics.

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