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We live in an age where the customer is in charge, they are the channel.

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We work with companies as agency partners and cutting-edge consultants. Our expertise comes from working with small and big companies across different sectors. We are an adjunction to our client's everyday marketing, analytics, and business strategy - not an external, outsourced service.

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Agency Partner

We create killer paid search, paid social and programmatic campaigns - using data as a core. The top result is achieved through vigorous testing and optimization and with a touch of our expertise.

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Social Advertising


Paid Marketing

Paid Search Campaigns
Display advertising
Youtube advertising
Data-driven display
Gmail advertising
RTB advertising
Bing Advertising

Agency Services

Campaign optimization
Campaign strategy & planning
Bid Management
Campaign restruction
Ad-Copy and A/B testing
Custom reporting


SEO campaigns
API integrations
Holistic Marketing strategy
Marketing Consulting
Marketing research
Competitor Analysis

How we do it

Companies marketing strategy must be able to distinguish, merge, and maintain control over many data sources.

Fundamentally, we utlize data to tell us what should be done. Collection strategy and data accuracy needs to be perfected, not forgetting other aspects of marketing accounts.

Data is essentially customer interactions, starting from ad impression, views to click, that then becomes site sessions, actions and conversions.

Having and extra layer of analytics to define attribution models and to know how everything works or should work is also key.

Finally, human touch for optimization, strategy, implementation is what leads to final success.

Smart Digital Marketer

One important role is the capability to create advanced analytics models for prediction and optimizing. The main challenge marketers face, is lowering acquisition cost and enabling data models to yield better results. This problem is usually caused by lack of clear strategy on how to use data and analytics create their competitive edge.